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My vision of Penn State

My vision of Penn State is for a University where anyone can build the foundation and acquire the skills they need to be a strong, confident, educated and contributing member of our society, communities and workforce.


Penn State is for everyone. An undergraduate English major from Reading at the Berks campus. A Spanish engineering PhD candidate at University Park. A history major on an aircraft carrier in the Pacific. A working mother in Arizona sitting at her kitchen table studying accounting. Each of these people and more will be able to access world class instruction, research and degrees from Penn State.


We have the assets to create this reality:


1)     Academically-accomplished students

2)     World-renowned faculty

3)     Cutting-edge research

4)     Dedicated alumni

5)     Global reach


The reach and reputation of Penn State are at their highest points in history. We need to capitalize on this opportunity now. We need to:


1)     Invest in our top academic programs

2)     Ensure World Campus can scale rapidly with exceptional quality

3)     Increase scholarship aid for top students

4)     Recruit leading Faculty and Researchers

5)     Create a culture of innovation and risk-taking


If you share this vision and want to make this vision a more certain reality, I ask that you join me. Vote for Rudolph K Glocker, #26 on April 10th. Together we can make Penn State the world’s leading University.