Why this election is Critical

This Board of Trustees election is critical to the future of Penn State.
Momentum is swinging Penn State’s way. We have new leadership, THON’s $13MM for pediatric cancer research, a football program that refuses to quit, expansive research grants, a record number of applicants. This window of opportunity and bonhomie will only remain open for a short period of time.

This is a unique moment in the history of higher education. The ‘traditional’ model of college is being challenged online tools are changing the way we learn and information is transmitted. The opportunities and risks are greater than ever.

Penn State has great assets to take advantage of this changing educational landscape. Rising international rankings, high rankings by recruiters, great faculty, outstanding research and a leading position in online education.

We need Trustees who can help Penn State navigate this new world of higher education. Trustees with direct experience in the issues and challenges that will enable Penn State to succeed. We need Trustees who are actively engaged in a rapidly changing, globally competitive world.

During my years of service on the Penn State Outreach and online Education Advisory Board I have come to understand World Campus and the institutional barriers that slow its potential. These barriers must be broken to insure its continued dominance in online degree granting education.

My company, pediped footwear, competes online against the top companies in the world. We find ways to drive distinction and appeal to a growing breed of empowered, discerning customers.

Now is the time for Penn State to lead the future of higher education. To set the standards for excellence in the classroom: traditional and online. We need Trustees with a demonstrated track record of success in these areas.

I ask that you review my credentials, experience and campaign for an alumni seat on the Board of Trustees. If you agree with my vision, I ask that you vote for me in the upcoming election and spread the word of my candidacy to five fellow alums.


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