Rudolph K Glocker Biographical background

Rudy is native of Pottstown, Pennsylvania.   He is a Managing Partner at pediped footwear, a fast growing children’s shoe company. Rudy graduated from Penn State with a BA in Political Science in 1991 and an MA in Political Science in 1993. Rudy earned his MBA from Harvard Business School in 1998.


A football Letterman, Rudy was active in student affairs while at Penn State. He served as President of the Student Athlete Advisory Board and the Graduate Student Association. While at Penn State, Rudy was tapped into Parmi Nous. Rudy was awarded a postgraduate scholarship from the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics for his academic, athletic and leadership accomplishments.


Rudy is a lifetime member of the Alumni Association and the Football Letterman’s Club. He is also a member of the Atherton and Golden Lion Societies. Rudy has endowed the Guy Montag Renaissance Scholarship.


Prior to joining pediped in 2008, Rudy spent 10 years at Goldman Sachs. He began his financial career at Credit Suisse in 1994. Other jobs included selling sporting goods in the former Soviet Union and coaching American football in Sweden. For both his academic and professional efforts, Rudy was named the inaugural Outstanding Young Alumnus of the Political Science Department for 2005/06 for his professional success and demonstrated leadership.


Rudy currently serves on the Board of The Aloha Foundation. He is also a member of the Penn State World Campus and online Education Advisory Board.


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