My track record of success

My candidacy is differentiated and superior to others because I understand and have direct experience and a track record of success in critical matters facing Penn State: online education, fiscal restraint and the pursuit of truth in the Sandusky scandal.

During my service on the Penn State Outreach and online Education Advisory Board I have come to understand World Campus and the institutional barriers that must be broken to insure its continued dominance.  My company, pediped footwear, competes online against the top companies in the world.  We find ways to drive distinction and appeal to a growing breed of empowered, discerning customers.  I will help Penn State do the same while moving the University toward an optimal blend of traditional and non-traditional learning.

Fiscal constraint is critical to Penn State’s future.  I have accomplished this without sacrificing quality.  In my role on the Board of Trustees at the Aloha Foundation, an educational non-profit in Vermont, I drafted a policy creating a maintenance endowment to lessen the future burden of capital projects. We have also kept the cost of tuition in line with inflation over the past three years.

We need to find the whole truth of the Sandusky scandal.  I co-authored a critique of the Freeh report with Franco Harris and Christian Marrone entitled “A Rush to Judgment” to start this process 20 months ago.  I will continue this quest on the Board.

I will bring this track record of results and success to the Board of Trustees.


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